Howto make a video tutorial

Making a screengrab using Kdenlive

Make sure that you are using Kdenlive 0.7 svn, which includes record-mydesktop.
Otherwise, use kdenlive 0.7 and GTK-recordmydesktop.
Do not make a tutorial will older kdenlive versions, which are deprecated.

Create a custom project profile (Settings -> Manage Project Profiles):

  • Size: 1280x720
  • Pixel Aspect ratio: 1/1
  • Display Aspect Ratio: 16/9
  • 15 frames per second

Make a screengrab with the following settings:

  • Size: 1280x720 pixels
  • Follow the mouse option (you may not need it on a large screen)
  • Do not draw rectangle
  • 15 frames per second
  • No compression (if using gtk-recordmydestop)
  • Good sound support. If Alsa does not work well, try jack

Edit the screengrab in Kdenlive and render using Flash 4000K export setting.

Publishing the tutorial on, google or vimeo

Log in, Google video, or
Upload your tutorial.
If requested, select a free licence, otherwize you will not be able to broadcast.

Step 3: Publishing the tutorial on
Log in Kdenlive web site.

In the user menu, click on Create content, then Video tutorial.

Enter the following information:

  • URL of the tutorial on, google or vimeo (required)
  • Duration of video
  • A direct downloading link (when available)
  • A short description
  • Meta tags which will help Google find the video

Click on Split summary at cursor button to separate the text between the teaser and the main description.

Click on Preview or Save.
At any moment, you will be able to modify or remove the tutorial.
Wait until moderators approve your post.


You must be the copyright holder of the tutorial or make sure that it is published using a Free licence.

Ask for help and/or collaborate

The turorial forum is available here:

A list of possible tutorials: