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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001033105 User Interfaceminorclosed2010-09-22Timecodes indicate 23 fps in HD 1080p 23.98Hz project
  00008928   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-22Transitions: Random results when selecting automatic track selection
  00003313   User Interfacetweakclosed (Granjow)2010-09-22Video and Audio tracks naming and behaviour
  00002914   MLTfeatureclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-22Feature request : apply effects on a whole track
  000028392 User Interfacecrashclosed (Granjow)2010-09-22crash when Split view selected in Project Monitor window
  00002781   User Interfacefeatureclosed (LeHomard)2010-09-22Reverse transitions
  000019742 Effectscrashclosed (Granjow)2010-09-22Speed effect does not appear to work well for flv
  00000493   User Interfacefeatureclosed (LeHomard)2010-09-22Would be EXTREMELY valuable to know the 'frame-number' position
  00015492   File Loadingcrashclosed (ddennedy)2010-09-21Crash when loading Lossless Matroska clip
  00010171   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-19Per-video track settings/effects
  00010902   File Loadingfeatureclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-19EXIF information is ignore for slideshow rendering
  00014946   User Interfacefeatureclosed (LeHomard)2010-09-14Request : automatically split audio and video clips
  00017931   User Interfaceminorclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14RGB Plane produces wrong results if scaling <255
  00017762   Effectsminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14group move on timeline corrupts pan and zoom effect key frames
  00005501   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14playhead not always in sync with composite transitions
  000107241 User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Default behaviour (producing offset) of Spacer Tool is unintuitive
  00010712   User Interfacefeatureclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14Remove razor tool from the Tools list?
  000106233 User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Timeline corruption
  00009236   User Interfaceminorclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14Timeline: All changes are rejected
  00012891   File Loadingminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14File filter for 'add clip' should include MXF as it's a supported format
  000113793 User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Loading old titler files produces strange results, images too big
  00011041   User Interfacefeatureclosed (ttill)2010-09-14multi-image length editing
  00015822   MLTfeatureclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Grouped clips - change duration
  00015764   User Interfacefeatureclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Clip duration display.
  00015332   User Interfaceminorclosed2010-09-14Title editor too big for screen, essential keys like Ok and Cancel not visible
  00014932   MLTmajorclosed (ddennedy)2010-09-14Can't combine audio volume and fade-out
  00017052   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14timestamp in project monitor is always PAL
  000171482 Transitionsminorclosed (ddennedy)2010-09-14Transitions visible in Project but not on rendered output video
  00017232   Build Systemblockclosed (ttill)2010-09-14linker error (undefined symbol XQueryColor)
  000172273 User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Severe audio distortion with overlapped clips
  00017194   Transitionsblockclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Cannot delete key frames in composite transition
  00017421   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Can not transcode just one clip.
  000173581 User Interfacetextclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14Wrong encoding in croatian translation
  00017343   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Kdenlive crashes
  000173161 User Interfacecrashclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Monitor clip crash application
  00017304   User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Odd behavior in composite transition UI
  00017633   MLTcrashclosed (ddennedy)2010-09-14Segfault in consumer_sdl_still.c when clicking a clip in the project tree
  00017792   File Loadingmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14kdenlive tries to fetch audio thumbnails infinite times for clips replaced with placeholders
  000177373 Effectsmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Adding keyframes for Volume (keyframable) adds the effect itself again instead
  00017713   User Interfacecrashclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14Segfault in keyframeedit.cpp when working on the timeline
  00017703   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Color Key for Blue Screen Effect Cannot be Changed
  000178623 MLTmajorclosed (ddennedy)2010-09-14Image transparency lost with grayscale effect + affine transition
  000178551 User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Volume (keyframable) has no effect
  000178231 MLTmajorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Adding pan & zoom effect to a clip turns it completely black
  000178041 MLTcrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Segfault in swscale_template.c after pressing play in a monitor
  00017951   User Interfaceminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Track locking does not work properly
  00017921   Effectsminorclosed (ttill)2010-09-14Curves effect: Moving the bottom left point produces unexpected results
  000181111 Translationminorclosed (xzhayon)2010-09-14Updated Russian translation for 0.7.8
  00018002   Effectscrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-09-14Crash when dragging an effect folder on a clip
  00017992   Build Systemblockclosed (Granjow)2010-09-14latest svn ( rev 4833) fails to build
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