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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00009451   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Folder: Autogroup folders on top of project tree
  000093415   MLTmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02no sound at all from around r3553
  00010401   User Interfacemajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Previewing clips in media player under file dialog changes xv hue setting
  0001037    File Loadingcrashclosed (Granjow)2010-02-02problem with avchd perhaps
  00010308   Renderingmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02time line corruption
  000107351 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Crash when dragging a clip onto a track
  000105941 Effectsminorclosed (xzhayon)2010-02-02Most of the effects are listed twice
  000108721 File Loadingmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Cannot add clip to project
  00010887   Renderingminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Black is rendered everytime a clip is cutted at the beginning
  00011052   User Interfacefeatureclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02multi-clip selection per mouse
  000109841 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Kdenlive in Ubuntu Jaunty crashes after using the project monitor or clip monitor
  0001097    User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Kdenlive in Ubuntu Jaunty crashes after using the project monitor or clip monitor
  0001117124 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Adding or selecting items from the the Project Tree causes crashes.
  000111572 MLTmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Video is played with double speed compared to audio after loading the .kdenlive project file
  00011393   User Interfacecrashclosed (ddennedy)2010-02-02crash while moving clip on timeline
  000112932 File Loadingmajorclosed (ddennedy)2010-02-02short buzz in audio-still repeated
  000111911 User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Crash when adding a new video track
  000117311 Transitionsmajorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02wrong size scaling for effects and transitions in non-PAL projects
  000117252 Transitionsmajorclosed (ddennedy)2010-02-02Composite transition ignors effect stack regarding zoom/size
  000114832 MLTminorclosed (ddennedy)2010-02-02kdenlive randomly crashes when using crop filter
  00011927   Effectsmajorclosed (ddennedy)2010-02-02Add a title to a freezed clip don't work correct
  000118081 Transitionsminorclosed (j-b-m)2010-02-02Fading track in / out with composite transition from 0 to 100 slightly moves the track to be blended
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