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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001221    MLTminornew2009-10-27Persistent Audio distortion during preview after stuttering
  0001220    User Interfaceminornew2009-10-22Kdenlive crash while undoing operation
  000118931 User Interfacefeaturenew2009-10-19FR: How to move very short clips?
  0001163    User Interfacefeaturenew2009-10-12FR: Audio waveform in preview monitor
  00011661   Effectsfeaturenew2009-10-12rotate and shear ... bad quality
  0001176    User Interfacefeaturenew2009-10-12FR: thumbnails reflect the applied effect
  00011901   User Interfacefeaturenew2009-10-11FR: Border for titles
  000107954 User Interfacecrashfeedback2009-10-10Crashes while loading clips
  0001188    Effectsfeaturenew2009-10-06FR: Adjust duration of speed effect
  00011782   User Interfacefeaturefeedback2009-10-05FR: focus section/widget by shortcut
  0001174    User Interfacefeaturenew2009-10-04tumbnails for freeze effect
  00011752   Effectsminorfeedback2009-10-02update "freeze at" duration when clip length changed
  00009426   Effectscrashfeedback2009-10-01Any change in clip speed in any clip on any timeline causes kdenlive to crash.
  00005021   Transitionsfeatureacknowledged2009-10-01[wishlist] Add transition stack similar to the effects stack
  000104934 Effectsminorfeedback (j-b-m)2009-10-01crash when moving on timeline with 4 video tracks and multi composite transitions
  000116942 MLTcrashfeedback2009-10-01mlt related crash after moving clip on timeline
  00011414   Capturefeaturefeedback2009-09-29FR: Change default name of captured files
  0001109113 File Loadingcrashfeedback2009-09-26Kdenlive can't load more than 100 clips
  00011272   Translationminoracknowledged2009-09-24Please use plural forms
  0001147    Effectsfeaturenew2009-09-17making all the filters / effects animatable..
  0001134    Effectsfeaturenew2009-09-14FR: effect to create an edge/border
  0001132    User Interfacefeaturenew2009-09-14Choose frame of movie as source for button background (DVD)
  0001131 1 File Loadingminornew2009-09-14Loading many (e.g. 182) clips at once crashes kdenlive
  00008852   Effectsfeaturenew2009-07-23Allow non-linear movements for Composite effect
  00003958   Effectsfeatureacknowledged2009-07-23Realtime Time-Stretching for Video/Audio
  00006302   MLTfeatureacknowledged2009-07-12Slow/fast motion control
  0001031    Effectsminornew2009-07-09gamma effect brightens also the dark edges of a stretched clip
  00010205   MLTminorfeedback2009-07-08Primitive slow/fast motion dialog
  00010272   MLTfeatureacknowledged2009-07-08GEGL support in MLT
  0000976    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2009-07-07Feature request : play slow speed
  0000970    Effectsfeaturenew2009-06-27Editing audio in audacity, or having some sudio editing options
  0000601    User Interfacetweakacknowledged2009-06-26Not enough space in the timeline to stretch clips, autoscrolling
  00001485   MLTfeatureacknowledged2009-06-20File Filters are Incorrect
  0000926    User Interfacefeaturenew2009-06-17Project Content: Allow custom order for directories
  000022953 File Loadingfeatureassigned (xzhayon)2009-06-15Invalid XML in .kdenlive file sometimes crashes Kdenlive sometimes results in no errors - implement validation and response
  0000908 3 MLTminornew2009-06-11wrong locale result in corrupted rendering
  00006777   Renderingfeatureassigned (ddennedy)2009-06-03add top-field-first option (was: output from rendering is allways progressive never interlaced)
  0000884    Effectsfeaturenew2009-06-03Countdown Generator should allow to use a custom font type
  00008536   User Interfaceminorassigned (ddennedy)2009-06-02Project monitor preview: Audio does not match result
  0000868    Renderingfeaturenew2009-05-27Wish to be able to automatically add chapters for each video put onto a DVDs
  000046241 Renderingfeatureacknowledged2009-05-17Create a wesley files to render with kdenlive automatically
  00007061   User Interfacetweaknew2009-03-08Count down generator depends on MLT's pango producer, which is optional (gtk2)
  0000524132 Transitionsfeatureacknowledged2009-01-042 transitions at the same time don't work
  00005292   MLTfeaturefeedback2009-01-02No support for import of 10bit uncompressed quicktime files
  00003965   MLTfeatureacknowledged2008-12-21Audio-Stream of video does not play back, if video-speed is changed. This also applies to audio-tracks.
  00003831   Renderingfeatureacknowledged2008-11-21enable changing audio codec settings seperatly
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