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The absolute latest Kdenlive news... Live from SVN!

Want to stay up to the minute, nay second, on what's happening with Kdenlive?
Not able to find an RSS feed for the Kdenlive repositories at Sourceforge?
Want to see the latest features and bug fixes to hit the code (such as the recent Spacer Tool addition)?

Look no further, as a nifty little site (which converts svn commits to an RSS feed) now let's you see the notes for what's happening on Kdenlive's code repositories, as it happens. Just use the following link in your RSS reader of choice:


Kdenlive #1 Feature on "The Dot" Kde-Digest this week!

Thanks to all the hard work of the Kdenlive team, we're now officially the first feature in this weeks KDE-Digest, which goes out to thousands of KDE enthusiasts worldwide.

Check it out at

now! :)

Go Kdenlive! :D


Kdenlive 0.6

Any idea when kdenlive 0.6 will be released? I have been waiting for a while for a new version. I have tried kdenlive multiple times, with suse and kubuntu, but it hasn't been exactly usable yet, due to various bugs. Mainly the flicking in the screen with .5? anyone else see that?

(yes, i know it is currently broken.)



i expanded on the gentoo install on the wikibook install section, to give users step-by-step instructions.



HDV support

Hi everyone.

A quick note to tell you that I ported Kdenlive to the new MLT profiles system. It means that to use Kdenlive svn version you now need the latest MLT svn, or it won't start at all.

I hope there won't be too much side effects, there might be some problems with aspect ratio, images or titles having weird size, please let me know if you find bugs.

The big plus is that we now have full HDV support in Kdenlive, as well as many other standard formats.
I still plan to release 0.5 as soon as we are sure that the new profiles system works fine in Kdenlive.



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