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Topics about compilation and installation of Kdenlive from its source-code tarballs

Fedora 14 build from source failure

Well, I was sitting down and working on a video on Fedora 14 (rpmfusion repo) and noticed that composite effects and the "screen" for it are missing! So, I did some googleing and found that mlt had changed and that it was corrected in a syn build.

So, I have tried compiling from source and havent had a lot of luck. I dont want to install to a different path. So I just type in "cmake .." ??

Obviously I am missing alot of stuff to compile for fedora 14. Has anyone done this and can you share your build line with me????

I don't have Rotoscoping filter - 0.8.1

I've compiled myself KDENLive from sources, but I don't have rotoscoping, which I need. Also config wizard says that following modules are missing:

-title module

But I am 100% sure that I have first two installed (I am on openSuSE 11.3)


Both 0.0.4


Both 0.22.0

Please help me since I need this effect (for rest I don't care).

SOLVED - Make fails on 0.8.2-SVN-5834


Trying to build 0.8.2 SVN. Dependencies are all present and check out. Make fails at 96% with this message:

kdenlive.po:3850: `msgid' and `msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
kdenlive.po:7744: `msgid' and `msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
/usr/bin/msgfmt: found 2 fatal errors
make[2]: *** [po/pt_BR/] Error 1
make[1]: *** [po/pt_BR/CMakeFiles/pofiles.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Compilation problem (using build script)

Last time I successfully comipiled Kdenlive, using the script, on 20110804.

Tried yesterday, and the compilation exits with an error.

Have a strong dejavu feeling here, but somehow cannot find the corresponding topic here on the forum.

EDIT: found a bug report about this here:

Applied the workaround described, and it compiles and runs OK

Different Library Locations (SOLVED)

I want to be able to compile ffmpeg and mlt to different locations then the ones that are installed by the package manager. I did this with

./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

But kdenlive needs to be compiled with cmake, and I cannot find out how to force cmake to look for those libraries in the new locations.

clips with duration mismatch

I just finished compiling the latest revision 5788 with the Builder Wizard. The Wizard works fine now however, I'm having problems opening past projects. When I try to open a past project, even those from the recent past, a window pops up announcing "Clip Problems." It lists a whole bunch of clips (perhaps all of the clips in the project) and states that "The project file contains clips with duration mismatches." The options presented at the bottom of the window are: "Remove selected clips," "Fix duration mismatches," "OK," and "Abort." When I click on "Fix duration mismatches," it creates a backup copy of the project file, then Kdenlive crashes. Bottom line is that I can't even open my most recent project file. If I choose "Remove selected clips," the same thing happens: it creates a backup copy of the project file, then crashes. If I choose "OK," the same thing happens.
If I go back to revision 5605 (MLT 0.7.3), the project file loads correctly. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Unable to build frei0r

I've run the Builder Wizard successfully before but now when I run it, I get the following error. Seems like the problem has something to do with building freiOr.


libtool: compile: gcc -std=gnu99 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../include -I../include -I../include -MT IIRblur.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/IIRblur.Tpo -c filter/blur/IIRblur.c -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/IIRblur.o
In file included from filter/blur/fibe.h:71,
from filter/blur/IIRblur.c:49:
/usr/lib/gcc/i586-manbo-linux-gnu/4.4.3/include/xmmintrin.h:32:3: error: #error "SSE instruction set not enabled"
mv -f .deps/hueshift0r.Tpo .deps/hueshift0r.Plo
/bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --tag=disable-static --mode=compile gcc -std=gnu99 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../include -I../include -I../include -MT invert0r.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/invert0r.Tpo -c -o invert0r.lo `test -f 'filter/invert0r/invert0r.c' || echo './'`filter/invert0r/invert0r.c
make[1]: *** [IIRblur.lo] Error 1

Most plugins do not work correctly

I have already posted this at Mantis, but the fact that there is no answer yet shows that my problem does not occur to anyone else, so it seems not to be code related. So this forum should be a better place.

MLT's SDL module not found

While using rev.5605, I run the config wizard and it tells me that I have a "Fatal Error." "MLT's SDL module not found. Please check your MLT install. Kdenlive will not work until this issue is fixed. I installed rev. 5605 with the Builder Wizard. It was supposed to install MLT and all the necessary components automatically. How do I fix this SDL module problem? P.S. I've been using this revision for the past month and was not aware of this problem until I ran the config wizard recently.


Is ffmpeg 0.8 ok to use with kdenlive 0.8.1 rev 5733

Packman has updated ffmpeg to 0.8
There is no option to downgrade.
Is it ok to run with this version? I am having some weird problems like:

Playing an MTS clip - Audio goes, but Video is frozen
Playing an MOV clip - Audio goes, but Video is frozen
Transcoding to DNxHD (MOV) completes but the clip will only play with ffplay
Previously transcoded to MOV files play with mplayer
Newly transcoded to MOV files - Audio plays Video is purple box with mplayer

I tried the videolan version (0.7), but it didn't help, and there is no ffplay with it.

:~> ffmpeg -version
ffmpeg version 0.8, Copyright (c) 2000-2011 the FFmpeg developers
built on Jun 23 2011 09:35:04 with gcc 4.5.1 20101208 [gcc-4_5-branch revision 167585]


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