Video Effects and Transitions

Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

Insert clip into another clip


I guess it's a missleading title. Let me clarify it a bit.
With clip in another clip I mean a size reduced part of a clip to
be shown in another clip simultaneously.

E.g I have two clips, the main clip shows a house. The second one something totally different.
Now I want the second clip to be shown in a small rectangle on the first clip.
How can I "resize" one clip and let it overlap with the other?

I hope I chose the right words. Thanks in advance.

- infinite

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Greenscreening interlaced footage?

Hello all,

I've got some greenscreen footage which is all interlaced. The interlacing seems to play hell with the various greenscreen effects. I don't see any difference in the project monitor when I apply "force progressive" in the clip properties.

How is everyone else dealing with greenscreening interlaced footage? Do you all just re-render all your footage to a progressive format, or is there a more elegant way in kdenlive without the rendering?

Opacity in composite transition not really 100%

I am trying to make a composite between a title clip containing a png file with transparent background with an opaque png file background. The setup is the title clip in video layer 1 and the png background clip in video layer 2 with a composite transition between the two. It works as far as having the transparent area of the title clip transparent, however the png within the title clip also seems to have some transparency to it and so the background shows through it.
The opacity is set to 100% and I can confirm that the png file in the title clip is fully opaque.

Alt-R menu item in the Title Clip Window - what does it do?

In the Title Clip window there is a drop down menu item that includes two anoymous options (in my 0.9.2 version). One of these is just labeled Alt+I and this one allows you to add an image to the title. The other one is just labeled Alt+R (in my 0.9.2 version).

Selecting the Alt+R item turns on the display of a toolbar that has a fill colour, border colour and a width option.


Downloading new title templates

Does anyone know where I can find new title templates to download? It seems that the same ones have been in the Settings->Download New Title Templates...

This is such a useful idea, and it seesm to have new wipes and rendering templates... just not title templates.

Anyone got any ideas?

I would love to see this full of new templates. Such a cool idea for sharing!


Dissolve transition flicker

Hi. I'm getting problems trying to dissolve from one video track to another. The dissolve appears to work, but after the dissolve, it typically flicks back to the previous video for one frame.

I have tried changing the position of the dissolve to a variety of places (one frame ahead/behind at the start/end of the dissolve), but it is still flickering every time. Any ideas why?

Is this a bug? I'm wondering if the dissolve interpolation variable is wrapping around (eg. 0 -> 1, then somehow it's briefly 0 again?)

Idea for sharing group effects

With the advent of the 'save group' in the effects stack, I have found myself really using it a lot --THANKS Kdenlive team! What is even better is we can share these grouped effects with each other.

If you look from your home directory ~/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/effects you will see xml files with the groups names...

Cool HD Film.xml
HDP Cartoon.xml


It would be cool to set up a github with effects so we could share.

Anyway, this is really great as I used to spend quite a bit of time configuring effects!

Cheers all.

Adding text to video with color contrasting with the background

Hi Everybody,

I'm absolute new in this site and would like to give a thumbs up to the kdenlive dev team and the community at the very outset. This is going to be my first post.

I would want to add text effects into my videos. The color of the texts should be contrasting to the background i.e. if the bg color is dark the text color should become kind of white/light and if the background is light the text color should become dark. How do I achieve this feat my frenz?

Light Graffiti Effect Troubles

Sorry if this question has already been answered but I have a question about the Light Graffiti Effect. I have been using my Canon EOS 500D T1i DSLR for Light Graffiti photography and after hearing about Kdenlive, I'm getting ready to dabble in videos too. I was finally able to get Kden to respond with my computer and I love the program but I'm slowly learning. Thr problem I've ran into as of late is that when I preview the video in the project monitor and I apply the effect to the video, it keeps the effect OVER other videos if that makes sense.


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