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Topics about the usage of video effects and transitions provided by Kdenlive

Stuttering when cutting

I have two videos - one in each track. The video in the upper track is cut so for some seconds it reveals the lower one. No transitions is used. However, when revealing the lower layer it stutters. Adding a very short (3- frames) fade transition prevents the stutter. If I hide/mute the upper track it also does not stutter. This happens in the timeline as well in the rendered result.

I made a short demonstration of the problem here:

Crop Effect

when I'm using the 'Crop'-Effect the 'cropped' parts get black- not cropped but just covered with black. In the project monitor it looks cropped but not in the rendered video.

How can I apply this effect to get the video really cropped?

Or is there another way to crop? (i want to crop certain parts of a screen record)

Thanks and best regards


how to make green screen objects glow???

hey is there any way to make green screened object glow? for example if i have a ball and it is painted green could i use the chroma key to somehow give it a glowing orb effect? pretty much im trying to do a light saber effect with out doing it frame by frame. i was hoping that i could just get a green painted stick and use the chroma key to give it a glowing lightsaber effect. any ideas on how to make this work?

"Speed" effect and transitions

I have not been able to figure out how to apply transitions with a clip that has the speed effect applied to it. I'm not certain whether this is a bug or a conceptual problem on my part. However, using the speed effect on a clip appears to cause transitions to be ignored (a sudden cut occurs both when previewing and when viewing the "rendered" video).

To repeat this (tested in Kdenlive 0.7.x and 0.8.2):

1) Load a video clip (it does not appear to matter what the source is)

2) Cut it into two parts so you have some video to use

3) Apply the "speed" effect to the second clip (it doesn't matter whether you apply it to the first or not)

4) Overlap the 2nd clip over the first (doesn't appear to matter which track is on top)

5) Apply a transition such as "dissolve"

moving frame/window

I've done this with Ulead's editor and I haven't used Kdenlive much. What I would like to do is this:

I have two video clips A and B. I want video A full screen and video B in a frame or window in front of video A. I looked in the help and threads for moving frames, but didn't see anything. Is it possible to do this in Kdenlive?


How to make my video shake


I have searched for this topic and all I am able to find are topics on how to eliminate shaking from a handheld camera.

I am trying to make a title slide that shakes - simulating an earthquake - as a rumble sound plays over the audio. I know how to synch the audio with the video, I'm just no sure how the make the text shake.

If there is a way to make it "explode" off the screen, that would be helpful too. I think I can set up a dissolve transition that would do OK though. Thank you for looking this over!

Multi-layer compositing

Hey there!
I am having trouble compositing multiple layers,one on top of another. Basically the problem involves two layers. In the first layer a text overlay comes flying in from the top. And in the bottom layer a line comes from the left underneath the text. So I set the desired keyframes and positions. However when i play the video the text(int the top layer) comes in diagonally from top left to bottom right. I cross checked the positioning in the transition window, and they are correctly placed.

Greenscreen keying on the edge

Hello again,

I´ve gained some experience with Greenscreen Effects in Kdenlive. The Quality is pretty good.
But there is a little nasty side effect. There are some small greencolourmixed edges on my masked layer, and I don´t want to cut them.

It would be nice if someone could give me a tip, on how to colourcorrect only the edges of an alpha masked layer.

---- FYI ----
If someone is working the first time with Green/Bluescreen here are some Tips
I try to give my best in English :)

Rotoscoping and opacity?

Hi all,

maybe this has been discussed, I have however not found it. When using the rotoscoping effect, I am wondering how I can leave out everything not inside the region I make with the nodes? Now, after making the region, all else goes black. So video underneath is invisible. Maybe this is very easy, however I did not find anything in the manual or on the internet.

Bye, Menno.

How to apply a default transition schema automatically?

Hi all,

my timeline content looks like as follows per default:

I'm dragging all wanted clip zones from Clip Monitor to the timeline. Then I arrange all clips alternating between track 2 and 3 with an overlapping dissolve transition area of 10 frames. Track 1 is reserved for titling.


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