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Are You at Risk of Having Tonsil Stones? | Part 2

b. The Importance of being Aware if You are at Risk

Tonsils are considered to be one of the first lines of protection of the body in the fight against bacteria and germs, but as a result of the way they are made, and the stuff they are doing; they can become a haven for disease and bacteria. The crevices of a person’s tonsils can develop little white balls of material that are called tonsil stones or tonsilloliths.

People usually describe them as white spots on the tonsils. They are usually made of calcium, carbonate and ammonia. The most efficient way to see if you have tonsil stones is by looking for them yourself in the mirror. Open your mouth as wide as you can and use a flashlight to see if you have white spots on your tonsils.


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a. Overview

Tonsil stones are clusters of hard deposits of calcium that form in the crevices of our tonsils. As they take place usually in the palatine tonsils, they may also come about in the lingual tonsils. It is said, by experts, to be 300 mg to 42 g of weight and they are made up mostly of calcium. Tonsil stones may also have other minerals mixed in them like magnesium and phosphorus, alongside carbonate and ammonia.

A number of people may feel like tonsil stones are foreign objects jammed in the tonsil crypt and they may also annoy you because they are very hard to get rid of, but they normally are not damaging. Tonsil stones are also one of the reasons why people have bad breath. Those are called halitosis.

Tonsilloliths is what tonsil stones are formally recognized. A number of people portray them as spots that are white in the throat or spots that are white on the tonsils and they are normally white with a yellow shade in color.


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g. Checklist and Quick Recap

Let us go over of what have been discussed. Our health is very important to each one of us. If you feel something unusual within your body, try to have it checked before it causes you to get into a severe problem. Like what we have talked about earlier. If ever you noticed that you have bad and foul smell coming out from your mouth, don’t be alarmed because not all causes of halitosis have internal problems or denture problems. It could just be a tonsil stone which can be get rid off easily once you have discovered it.

Tonsil Stones or commonly known as tonsilloliths, are ordinary for people who always encounter tonsillitis. They are the outcome of the collected trapped food particles, dead white blood cells, post nasal drip and oral bacteria. Sooner or later, these will harden and calcify. They can be very small or huge. They are usually yellowish or white in color and have very foul smell. They are found lodging at the back of the throat.


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f. The Downside of Applying Natural Treatments

Since the ancient times, medicines that were made from an assortment of natural herbs have become popular as substitute treatments by inhabitants of long time ago in different parts of the world. Herbal medicines are prepared from plant extracts, even from bee products, fungal and particular parts of animals are also included in the mixture.

Because it is quite known nowadays that some of the over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs have obvious side effects that go along with it. That’s why herbal remedies are getting the interest of a lot of people again. A great number of natural and herbal health supplements and drugs are becoming widely famous because of their good results and benefits.


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e. Benefits of Discovering the Natural Cures

Every time we talk about natural cure, it always refers to earthly substances and it is always involves the utilization of plants and its parts, known as herbal medicine, botanical medicine or herbalism. People make use of these plants to give remedies to people’s ailmemts and wounds. Herbal medicines are of great benefit to herbal and medicine practitioners, homeopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathic healers and herbalists because they make use of these for their professions.


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d. Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Choosing the Natural Treatment

Natural treatment has become widely spread throughout the world. We’ve been perceiving that supplements from these herbal remedy have been working to somebody we knew. Over the previous decade, the utilization of herbal supplements has shoot up. But since these herbal treatments are natural, some users who are doubtful thought of what hazard might be obtained from it.

Sadly, in some situations it can do so much destruction. A startling number of human are at risk for using herbal supplements because they don’t have enough information about the possible hazards and the real advantages of it. A research performed at the University of Iowa and was printed in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings has released how extensive the trouble has been.


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c. Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Choosing the Natural Treatment

The utilization of Mother Nature for healing starts during the emergence of human history. Ancient people had the notion that sickness is gods’ punishment. They carry out ceremonies to appease gods that their misery be eradicated. In due course, exceptional individuals twisted to nature for response. They have monitored the outcome of environmental, emotional, elemental, seasonal, recurring and atmospheric changes on the constituent of their community.

They also observed how undomesticated animals cure themselves intuitively. This primitive reflections and practices produced the foundation of a plain yet prevailing method or healing which has become famous as Nature Cure. During the ancestral years, nursing with nature was the only healing method accessible to human race.


Natural Treatments for Tonsil Stones | Part 2

b. The Essence of Learning the Natural Treatments of Tonsil Stones

People, once they have experienced something strange in their body, become anxious with so many things. Aside from the primary concern of the duration for the healing process of their disease or health problem, they also begin to worry financially. That’s why many people usually switch to natural treatments, or famously known as natural cures or home remedies. They use these treatments for their complaints because these medications are readily available in their homes which are made of natural elements or ingredients such as fruits, vegetable and herbs.


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a. Overview

Usually, when people talk of being uncomfortable and how painful (sometimes) it is of having stones in a person’s body, we immediately tend to think right away of kidney stones. Kidney is not the only part of an individual’s body that can develop stones. There is also a different location in a person’s body wherein a stone can be developed and that is the “tonsils”. A lot of people still doesn’t have any idea that a stone can also be formed along the throat area, to be specific, on the side of the tonsil. Tonsils are important part of our body because they consist of tissues that hold lymphocytes. These are cells in our body that put a stop and attack the infections. It is deemed that tonsils play an important part in our immune system. Its purpose is like a net that blocked all the virus particles and bacteria that is entering and passing over the throat.


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9. Is having tonsil stones a serious health issue that can be life threatening?

No it does not pose a threat to life at all but the foul odor it produces makes you really embarrassed as having bad breath you can’t control in public is disgusting so you must have the option to remove it fast to avoid any inconvenience.

10. Can tonsil stones make you feel like having a lump in your throat while swallowing?

Yes. They would truly make you feel like having a lump in your throat so probably what you have is a very huge tonsil stone that has magnified from smaller stones through the years. These larger sized stones are said to be over 30mm big! It may have formed in a small crevice in your tonsil, and is underneath your skin, so “throat cam” will not pick it up. It would definitely be very difficult to swallow if you are on this type of condition so better act fast and consult your doctor.



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