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Impossible to rendering

I am Italian, so excuse my bad english
I'm having serious problems with the rendering of all my projects Kdenlive
Every time I try to render the process in a few seconds up to 10%, then 50%, then crashes
Here's the error:


Transcode Nikon D3100 mov to ProRes 422 for FCP editing smoothly on Mac

Import Nikon D3100 H.264 MOV in FCP on Mac Mountain Lion

Nikon has developed a habit of making very attractive entry-level DSLRs, which are rarely the best specified but cleverly designed so that they're easy and enjoyable to shoot with. Among them, Nikon D3100 is perfect for capturing clips or sequences and it allow you to film at either 1920x1080, 1280x720 or 640x480 pixels with 30fps, 25fps, and 24fps. Video is an absolute highlight of the Nikon and it's wonderful to have this degree of control in a camera.


libx264 aborts with unable to parse option value "0.6"

My setup: kdenlive 0.9.3+git from sunab's svn repository+mlt+libav
Kubuntu 12.04 64bit

Rendering of a clip is aborted using the H264 codec:

[libx264 @ 0x7f49589ae9e0] [Eval @ 0x7f495dffb490] Invalid chars '.6' at the end of expression '0.6' [libx264 @ 0x7f49589ae9e0] Unable to parse option value "0.6"

Happens only a single project that I recently changed from 720p/25Hz to 1080p/25Hz. Checking the transitions I could not find any problem indication.

Any suggestions?


[AVCHD to iMovie]Convert Panasonic HDC-SD800 AVCHD files/videos to AIC for iMovie

Mac AVCHD to AIC converter-Convert SD800 AVCHD Recordings to AIC for iMovie editing

Panasonic HDC-SD800 is an excellent camcorder which gives me high quality videos. I like editing SD800 recorded videos with iMovie for family movies like interesting events, cats, building a snowman and so on. But the first time when I want to import SD800 to iMovie for editing, I encountered some problems, I can’t import HDC-SD800 to iMovie. My friends told me iMovie doesn’t support SD800 AVCHD well. Finally I found Pavtube Video Converter for Mac which is the best SD800 Converter to convert SD800 AVCHD Videos to AIC format perfectly compatible with iMovie.

If you have the same problem about editing Panasonic SD800 AVCHD Videos in iMovie, you may follow the step-by-step guide.


iPad Camera Connection Kit supported devices and video types

iPad Supported Cameras-Copying Camera photos and recordings to iPad

With the iPad Camera Connection Kit, it's easy to download photos and videos from your digital camera to iPad so as to view them on the iPad display and make them into slideshows and films for sharing on YouTube and with friends.

[b]Guide[/b]: [b][url= to Copy Camera photos and recordings to iPad[/url][/b]

But there's not a thing that is perfect. Before you buy an iPad Camera Connection Kit, you'd better make sure it works with your camera. I can't list all of iPad supported Cameras in this post (there're too many cameras on the market), but here're some useful tips for you to judge if your camera is compatible with the iPad device and its accessory CCK (camera connection kit).


Revitol Test

Recently, many people are practicing anti aging exercises. Health professionals say that regular anti aging exercises is the efficient way to feel younger. On the other hand, it is considered to be the key to success in preventing many health problems.



scaling and dvd export lead to crash


I installed today Kdenlive on Kubuntu via Muon-Softwaremanager.

When I try to add a scale command (by checking scaling or by adding an "s" parameter) the renderer crashes with the following message:


Using proxies for clips produces black rendered video


First a disclaimer: I'm using a bit ancient version of Kdenlive:
- kdenlive-
- mlt-0.7.6

These are packages from RPMFusion (I'm using Fedora).

Now, the problem I'm facing is that when I enable proxies for any clips in my project, those clips get rendered as black screen to the rendered video. The clips that don't have the proxy enabled render just fine. I don't have the "Render using proxy clips" selected in the render dialog.

My project is really simple. The clips are Ogg Theora videos. They have the same dimensions and framerate as the project output. There is only one video track on the project where (parts of) the clips are organized. No effects, transitions or anything else either - just the plain clips on the track. There is no audio in the clips nor in the project.


I can only use specific render formats

Hey guys, I'm new to kdenlive and am still learning about it. I'm trying to make a small movie, and I cannot render it in HDV Raw DV or AVI DV. I install the libavcodecs extra 53 package, which gave me the other formats, but it also uninstalled the default package. I think this is all the information. I'd be much obliged if someone can help me. Thanks!


Rendering Crashed

I'm fairly new to kdenlive and have been playing around with version 0.9.2 it on Fedora 17. But when I render I always get this error when it finishes:

Rendering Crashed

No LADSPA plugins were found! Check your LADSPA_PATH environment variable.
[swscaler @ 0x7f8e9caa0a80] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speedloss

I really have no idea what this means or how to fix it but it happens every time I render with mpeg4 and mp3 audio codecs.



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